Kernow Clinical – the Game Changer

Testimonal Nursing Home waste

I’ve been a care home owner in the South West of England for over 15 years. During this time I’ve endured numerous bug bears. Endless inflation busting rises in utility prices, the petty fads of care home inspectors, and surcharge upon surcharge from unscrupulous clinical waste disposal companies…

Having endured this particular company’s obscene price rises, surcharges, and locked in contract for years, I finally found myself in a position to escape. But where to go? Choices were bewildering and I certainly didn’t want to sign up with a company only to have them sell out and find myself right back where I’d started from. This had happened before and I vowed it would never happen again.

Then along comes Kernow Clinical Waste Ltd.

Like a breath of fresh air, they have torn up the rule book and introduced a simple, sensible, affordable contract that even a child can understand. You pay per bin, not per sack. There are no penalty surcharges, no whimsical price rises, and no additional paperwork charges. Just one bin, one price per lift, and one bill at the end of each month. And the after care is superb; with occasional helpful emails suggesting ways staff could improve the way they dispose of clinical waste.

Yes, yes, yes. You bet I am. This is the way every company should behave and I cannot recommend Kernow Clinical Waste Ltd highly enough.

Dr Peppers Care Corporation
If you are experiencing problems with clinical waste, then do please get in touch with Kernow Clinical Waste Ltd. They truly are a game changer.