Childrens Nursery Waste

Childrens Nursery Waste

We collect your daily waste products

Running an active childrens nursery can be rewarding, but those little monkeys can have accidents and need to be looked after throughout the day. We want to lighten the burden, and take care of your waste.

How often will you collect the waste?

You may find that your current contractor will only offer a set frequency of collections, however here at Kernow Clinical we like to be able to offer you a variety of collections.

We can provide a set weekly, fortnightly, three weekly and monthly service

We only have waste during term times

We are able to work around term times if required and change the frequency to suit you throughout the year.

Where can we put our nappy waste?

A popular option, is for us to provide you with an outside lockable clinical bin. This enables you to empty your inside bin as often as necessary, so that any unpleasant smells can be contained outside, ensuring your rooms smell clean at all times.

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Your plan for hazardous waste collection can be tailored to your business.

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Quality and Safety

All team members at Kernow Clinical have been trained to assist in waste collection.

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Encompassing All Clinical Waste Collection & Disposal

We offer extensive clinical waste collections for businesses in Cornwall & Devon.