Nursing Home Waste

Nursing Home​ Waste

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Running an active nursing home can be rewarding, but can have occassional poorly people to worry about and look after throughout the day and night. We want to lighten the burden, and take care of your waste.

Can I put all of my waste in one bag?

We can cater for all of your waste in a straightforward colour coded system so that all staff can clearly understand and segregate the waste correctly.

Does it matter the size of the nursing home?

Ranging from price per sack for small homes, to set bin prices for larger homes, we provide easy budgeting along with on going support and advice.

How is the waste segregated?

  • Sharps – A variety of sizes of sharps and pharmaceutical bins are available with collections on an as and when basis and are colour coded with current legislation for ease of segregation.
  • Cytotoxic and Cytostatic sharps bins are provided colour coded with current legislation for ease of segregation.
  • Denaturing kits in various sizes – A safe and reliable solution for the destruction and disposal of controlled drugs. For use with tablets, powders, liquids and ampoules. (It is recognised as the securest way to denature drugs to render them safe without value. It is quick and easy to use. Glass can be added too).
  • Controlled Drugs in a disposal kit is a highly convenient and cost-effective solution for denaturing controlled drugs, thereby rendering them harmless and without value. These kits are an effective and appropriate means of destroying drugs.
  • Pharmaceutical bins – various sizes
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Your health is your most important asset. Entrust it only to the best professionals.

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Your plan for hazardous waste collection can be tailored to your business.

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Quality and Safety

All team members at Kernow Clinical have been trained to assist in waste collection.

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Encompassing All Clinical Waste Collection & Disposal

We offer extensive clinical waste collections for businesses in Cornwall & Devon.