Funeral Care Waste

Funeral Care Waste

Your waste products

You will, no doubt, come into contact with a variety of clinical waste as it’s an integral part of funeral care. This waste can be very costly by some contractors due to the amount and frequency being irregular.

Can I put all of my waste in one bag?

Regardless if the waste is hazardous – infectious or potentially infectious (orange sacks) or offensive – non infectious (yellow tiger stripe) we are able to provide a cost effective flexible, discreet collection service to suit you.
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Your health is your most important asset. Entrust it only to the best professionals.

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Your plan for hazardous waste collection can be tailored to your business.

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Quality and Safety

All team members at Kernow Clinical have been trained to assist in waste collection.

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Encompassing All Clinical Waste Collection & Disposal

We offer extensive clinical waste collections for businesses in Cornwall & Devon.